Homefront The Revolution decepciona en su beta abierta

Desde el día de ayer está disponible la beta abierta de Homefront The Revolution para Xbox One, en Estados Unidos, y las primeras impresiones reportadas por los usuarios en foros como Reddit no son del todo esperanzadoras.

homefront the revolution

  • This is probably the worst game I have ever seen on the Xbox one. I don’t know what the devs were thinking, but this game is absolute trash. The graphics look straight out of 2006, there is screen tearing literally everywhere, shadows are s*itty, animations too, the enemy’s spawn literally in the middle of your field of view, when they die they spin around and flail like physics from 1995 tomb raider. These things can not be improved, while also increasing performance.
  • Yeah…it seems to run at under 30 FPS, the controls are VERY clunky, and everything in motion stutters around. Even for a BETA this is despicable.
  • I thought I was alone in this opinion, but I also thought “There’s absolutely no way that it’s even relatively possible that I’m the only one who finds this to be a complete and utter disappointment”. Glad to know I’m not crazy, but very sad that the game is actually THAT bad for everyone else, too. People I played with in the beta were like “Wow this game is great” and I’m sitting there confused as hell. This “beta” literally 100% feels like a pre-alpha build of a low-budget FPS.
  • Everything is wrong, from sound design to weapon proportion (marksman rifle looks like an anti tank rifle) Graphics. Wow. Don’t need to comment on that. You all know. AI ? Complete trash, they’re confused like they were just born 10 minutes ago. No situational awareness and just run around guns blazing like morons. I mean, someone shoots a weapon next to me, sounds like he’s 200 feet away. The enemy barely cares about cover.
  • After finally getting into a game, it was quickly realised why not al ot of people are playing. The gameplay is bad and simplistic and just overall I don’t see this game being played much after release.

Para los que no dominen en inglés, en resumidas cuentas, la gente se queja de que los gráficos y animaciones parecen de hace 10 años, que no llega ni a los 30 FPS, que tiene muchísimos fallos y que en definitiva, parece más una prealfa que una beta de un juego que debe ver la luz el próximo 20 de mayo.

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