La PlayStation 4 recibirá el firmware 2.0 el 28 de Octubre

Sony anunció en su blog PlayStation que su consola de sobremesa, la PlayStation 4, recibirá la actualización de firmware 2.0 "Masamune" el próximo 28 de octubre, actualización que llega para otorgar la posibilidad de reproducir audio mientras jugamos (siempre y cuando esté en un pendrive), mejoras en la retransmisión de vídeo, la posibilidad de buscar amigos, cambiar el color del fondo, se mejoran los comandos por voz, o una mejora en el área de contenido y la librería, donde ahora veremos como se añadirán de forma automática los juegos gratuitos que reciben los usuarios por medio del servicio PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation 4 Masamune

  • USB Music Player: PS4 owners will be able to play their own music in the background while playing a game using USB Music Player*. After inserting a USB stick loaded with music into the system, a new option for USB Music Player will appear. Supported filename extensions include MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP.

  • Change colours: PS4 owners can change the background of the home screen from light blue to one of seven new colors: gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and grey.

  • Enhancements to live broadcasting: Masamune brings a variety of improvements to live broadcasting on PS4. In the Live From PlayStation app, PS4 owners can now select a Featured channel, which includes official broadcasts from PlayStation, broadcasts from people on a players friend list, and any game channel that the player has followed. Additionally, Live From PlayStation now has filters for searching broadcasts on a specific game, as well as support for archived broadcasts.

  • Friend finder: PS4 will now suggest players you may know, recommending close friends of your close friends.

  • Content Area and Library: PS4′s Content Area, which shows the latest games and apps a PS4 owner has used, has been redesigned to help make it easier to quickly find and access content. It now shows 15 of a player’s most used apps or games, and additional items will be added to a player’s Library. The Library on PS4 has improved filter and sort functions to help organise contented by type (game / app / TV & video), name (a – z or z – a), recently used, or install date.

  • Enhanced voice commands: The ability to control PS4 using voice has been improved. Players can now say ‘PlayStation’ to begin commands, and ‘All Commands,’ to see a list of all voice command options available. New voice commands were added for live broadcasting, including “Start broadcast,” “End broadcast,” and “Find face.”

  • Add to library: The monthly free PlayStation Plus games will have an ‘Add to Library’ button in the PlayStation Store. This button will add a game to a PS4 owner’s library without downloading it – saving space on their hard drive.

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