Opera 11.11 disponible

El navegador preferido por el rey de los chapuzas llega a su versión 11.11. Opera 11.11 llega para resolver pequeños bugs y mejorar su seguridad.

Para actualizar tu versión a Opera 11.11 sigue estos pequeños pasos: Menú ->  Ayuda -> Comprobar nuevas versiones, en caso, de que no lo tengas, y quieras probarlo, descárgalo desde aquí.

  • User interface
    Crash when opening a folder selector in a widget and then closing the widget
    Opera installer crashing as soon as the installation wizard starts


  • Display and scripting
    Crash when opening www.falk.de
    Crash when reloading page after opening a popup of easy-sticky-note extension
    Google calendar previewing of month view
    Mouse wheel not scrolling an outer page when over iframe
    Opera freezing on Wikipedia with column-count producing infinite repaints
    "outline-offset" not working; fix applied in the verticalbox case
    Crash when destroying Silverlight instance on vod.onet.pl
    Calling location.replace with same URL as current page does not fetch it from the network
    Text on button of the error page in Asian languages being vertically aligned
    Visiting a page with a plug-in that is not installed resets Time Of Last Upgrade Check
    Made further small fixes and stability improvements
    HTTPS url being incorrectly unloaded for application cache urls, especially effecting Opera Dragonfly
    Fast forward being broken on google.com


  • Mail, news, chat
    Marking a mail message in Trash as unread causes it to disappear
    Inability to disable Spam filter in mail


  • Network
    Crash on sites using http://www.multicert.com/ca/multicert-ca-02.crl


  • Security
    Fixed an issue with framesets that could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by an anonymous contributor working with the SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program; see our advisory.

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